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Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Established in Changhua County, Taiwan, in 1989, Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. is now in the 28th year of its company history. Our company is specialized in manufacturing plastic injection molding products using polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), such as milk powder spoons, bottle caps, plastic folding spoons, milk powder lids, plastic spoons,PP foldable spoon,plastic foldable spoon,plastic folding spoon,lid with a triple spoon,lid with a folding spoon and various types of plastic injection molding products. Raw materials used in the production include ABS, PVC, EVA, HDPE, HIPS475, LDPE, PA, PBT, PC, PEI, PMMA, POM, PPS, PS, SAN, TPE, and TPV. Our major clients are based in Taiwan and Japan, and our plastic products are among the best in the industry.

Main Affiliated Companies: Pau Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd., Hong Yi Company, Jin Quan Xing Company, Da Li Company, and Tai Yong Company
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  • Our production lines are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and are managed in accordance with international codes of conduct. From product design to the end-product phase, we continue to improve our operational approaches and management models based on the latest global practices in hope to rapidly develop our businesses.

  • With our company principles of fulfilling the commitments made to clients and pursuing excellence, we provide exceptional packaging services for various industries and strive to improve our businesses for our clients.

  • Precision all kinds of injection mold, vacuum forming OEM
    All kinds of plastic molding, a wide range of raw material


Sorn Chun’s Values

  • Lid with a Triple Spoon about idea

    Commitment to Integrity with Benevolence Justice as Business Virtues

  • Lid with a Folding Spoon-Customers First

    Customers First

  • Lid with a Triple Spoon-Top Quality

    Top Quality

  • Plastic Foldable Spoon-Sustainable Business

    Sustainable Business

PP Foldable Spoon-Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Assembly area

Assembly area

Lid with a Folding Spoon-Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Half-product block

Half-product block

Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Processing plant

Processing plant

Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Sorn Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Finished Product Area

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Raw material area